Gamma and Cosmic Ray Astrophysics Branch
High-Energy Solar Radiation Section

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The mission of the Gamma and Cosmic Ray Astrophysics Branch of the Space Science Division is to conduct a broad-based research program relating to the gamma-ray and charged-particle environment and the use of gamma-ray and energetic particle detection systems in space. In support of this mission the Branch undertakes a program of (1) observational and theoretical investigations of gamma-ray, X-ray and cosmic-ray emissions from the Sun and celestial sources, (2) monitoring high-energy solar-flare activity, (3) monitoring energetic particles in the near-space environment and in the upper atmosphere, and (4) development and evaluation of gamma-ray and particle sensor systems for applications in space. Program activities include the study of fundamental high-energy processes in the Sun and in extremely violent celestial sources, evaluation of the cosmic-ray and solar energetic particle environments and the effect of charged-particle induced damage on microelectronics and manned systems in space, and the development of improved detection systems to monitor phenomena which relate to DoD systems. The unique capabilities of nuclear spectroscopy are utilized to study the nuclear component of matter in astrophysical sites and to develop advanced capabilities for detection and surveillance of nuclear materials in terrestrial and space applications.

Integrated Studies of Gamma-Ray Flares (G. Share, PI)
Spectroscopy of Hard X Rays and Gamma Rays from Solar Flares (G. Share, PI)
Solar Influence on Energetic Particles Impacting the Earth's Atmosphere (G. Share, PI)
High-Energy Radiation in the Solar Terrestrial Envrionment (A. Tylka, PI)
Gamma Ray Analysis of HESSI Data (R. Murphy, PI)
Theoretical High Energy Solar Physics(R. Murphy, PI)
Multi-Spacecraft Observations of Large Solar Energetic Particle Events in Solar Cycle 23 (A. Tylka, PI)
The Limits of Solar Energetic Particle Acceleration in CMEDriven Shocks (A. Tylka, Co.I)
Modeling Geomagnetic Cutoffs for SEP Hazards on the ISS and Other Spacecraft (A. Tylka, PI)

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Ronald J. Murphy Gerald H. Share Allan J. Tylka

Certifying Official: James Kurfess, Branch Head, Code 7650
Last Modified: 3 March 2004