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Lecture Series in Black Hole Astrophysics

Dr. Charles Dermer, Code 7653, NRL, and Prof. Govind Menon, Troy University, Troy, Alabama, will present a lecture series on black hole physics and astronomy during the months of May and June, 2007. The lectures will be presented on parallel tracks. Chuck Dermer will present the observational background and radiation physics to understand and model gamma rays, cosmic rays, and neutrinos from black holes. In alternating lectures, Govind Menon will develop the fundamentals of general relativity, leading to an understanding of black hole electrodynamics.

Location: Bldg. 209 (Space Science Division), Rm. 321A.

Chapters 1 - 8 and Appendix (rev. 6/25/07)

Lecture 13B. The Penrose Process
(Menon) Monday, July 2, 2 pm

Lecture 13A. High Energy Radiation from Black Holes
Complete Blazar Model
(Dermer) Friday, June 29, 3 pm (NOTE TIME)
Revised Compton Scattering chapter

Lecture 12B. The Ergosphere and the Event Horizon
(Menon) Thursday, June 28, 2 pm
Revised Kerr Black Hole chapter

Lecture 12A. Compton Scattering. IV.
Gamma Rays from Blazars
(Dermer) Wednesday, June 27, 2 pm

Lecture 11B. Geodesics of the Kerr Black Hole
(Menon) Tuesday, June 26, 2 pm

Lecture 11A. Compton Scattering. III.
Scattering in the Klein-Nishina Regime
(Dermer) Monday, June 25, 2 pm

Lecture 10B. Covariant Form of Maxwell's Equations
(Menon) Friday, June 22, 2 pm
Revised GR chapters

Lecture 10A. Compton Scattering. II.
Formation of Compton Spectra in Jet Sources; Energy Loss Rates
(Dermer) Thursday, June 21, 2 pm

Lecture 9B. Geometry of Spacetime. II.
(Menon) Wednesday, June 20, 3 pm (NOTE TIME)

Lecture 9A. Compton Scattering. I.
Compton Effect, Compton Cross Section, Transformation of Cross Section
(Dermer) Tuesday, June 19, 2 pm
Chapter 6, Pt. 1 (rev. 6/19/07)

Lecture 8B. Geodesics in Schwarzschild Geometry. II.
(Menon) Monday, June 18, 2 pm

Lecture 8A. Radiation Physics of Relativistic Flows. II.
Superluminal motion, shell framework, curvature relation.
(Dermer) Friday, June 12, 2 pm
Chapter 5 (rev. 6/15/07)

Lecture 7B. Geodesics in Schwarzschild Geometry. I.
(Menon) Thursday, June 14, 2 pm
Geometry of Spacetime (rev. 6/14/07)

Lecture 7A. Radiation Physics of Relativistic Flows. I.
Transformations of energy densities, fluxes of cosmological sources, blob framework
(Dermer) Tuesday, June 12, 3 pm

Lecture 6B. Geometry of Spacetime I.
(Menon) Monday, June 11, 2 pm
Revised General Relativity Chapters

Lecture 6A. Physical Cosmology II. Friedmann Cosmologies and Event Rates of Cosmological Sources
(Dermer) Friday, June 8, 2 pm
Chapter 4 (rev. 6/08/07)

Lecture 5B. The Covariant Derivative and the Einstein Equation II.
(Menon) Wednesday, June 6, 2 pm

Lecture 5A. Physical Cosmology I. Robertson-Walker Metric, Expansion Scale Factor, and Diffuse Intensity
(Dermer) Tuesday, June 5, 2 pm

Lecture 4B. The Covariant Derivative and the Einstein Equation I.
(Menon) Monday, June 4, 2 pm

Lecture 4A. Relativistic Kinematics III. Reaction Rate and Secondary Production Spectra
(Dermer) Wednesday, May 30, 2 pm

Lecture 3B. Tensor Calculus III.
(Menon) Tuesday, May 29, 2 pm

Lecture 3A. Relativistic Kinematics II. Application of Invariants
(Dermer) Wednesday, May 23, 2 pm
Chapter 2 (rev. 5/27/07)

Lecture 2B. Tensor Calculus II.
(Menon) Tuesday, May 22, 2 pm

Lecture 2A. Relativistic Kinematics I. Special Relativity
(Dermer) Monday, May 21, 2 pm

Lecture 1B. Introduction to Tensor Calculus
(Menon) Friday, May 18, 2 pm
General Relativity Lectures

Lecture 1A. Introduction. Black Holes in Nature
(Dermer) Thursday, May 17, 2 pm
Chapter 1 (rev. 5/25/07)
Chapter 1 Lecture

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