Cyg Atycho

Lecture Series in Gamma Ray Bursts

A course on GRBs consisting of five lectures, developed by Dr. Charles Dermer, Code 7653, NRL,
with significant input from Dr. Chris Fryer (LANL) and Dr. Kevin Hurley (Berkeley Space Sciences Lab).

Presented at the First La Plata International School on ``Compact Objects and their Emissions,"
La Plata, Argentina, March 2008

Outline of the Lectures

Lecture 1. Observations of Gamma Ray Bursts; ppt, pdf

Lecture 2. GRB Progenitor Models; ppt, pdf

Lecture 3. Leptonic Processes in GRBs-Prompt and Afterglow Emissions; ppt, pdf

Lecture 4. Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos from GRBs; ppt, pdf

Lecture 5. GRB and Gamma-ray Studies with GLAST, the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope; ppt, pdf

Acknowledgments; ppt, pdf

Notes to the Lectures

Published in ``Compact Objects and their Emissions," Associacion Argentina de Astronomia Book Series, eds. Gustavo E. Romero and Paula Benaglia, published as GRBs and the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope; see Gamma Ray Bursts and the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope: Notes to the La Plata Lectures, by Charles D. Dermer (NRL) and Chris L. Fryer (LANL)

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