Cyg Atycho

Fermi Summer School, Lewes, DE, May 31 - June 10, 2011,

Organized by Elizabeth Hays (GSFC)

Five lectures on Fermi Science, by Dr. Charles Dermer, Code 7653, NRL

Lecture 1. Overview of Fermi Results (30 MB)

Lecture 2. AGN with Fermi (9.5 MB)

Lecture 3. Cosmic Rays and Supernova Remnants in the Fermi Era (17.2 MB)

Lecture 4. Fermi Results on Gamma Ray Bursts (6.0 MB)

Lecture 5. Extragalactic Background Light, the Intergalactic Magnetic Field, and the GeV-TeV Connection (6.5 MB)

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Chuck Dermer (202) 767-2965
Code 7653, NRL, Washington, DC 20375-5352
charles (dot) dermer_(at)_nrl(dot)navy(dot)mil